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To Advance Chemical Innovation and Environmental Protection

Chemical Innovation + Environmental Protection

Jeff Morris is guided by the philosophy that the well-being of society is enhanced when chemical innovation is encouraged and managed in ways that support economic growth while protecting people and the planet. Jeff created Jeff Morris Solutions LLC with the mission to help clients find solutions to issues concerning moving new chemicals to market, or in keeping existing chemicals on the market, in a manner that is economically viable and environmentally protective.


Client Services

The services offered by Jeff Morris Solutions LLC center around helping clients:

  • Navigate the processes and procedures involved in the EPA’s regulation of chemicals under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

  • Develop solutions for successfully working with the EPA on TSCA-related issues.

  • Understand how their TSCA issues fit within the larger international construct of chemical regulation.

Specific service areas include, but are not limited to, developing strategies and solutions for:

  • Moving new chemicals, and new uses of existing chemicals, through the TSCA section 5 process.

  • Clients' engagement with the EPA on the prioritization, evaluation, and management of existing chemicals under section 6 of TSCA.

  • Addressing confidential business information issues under TSCA section 14.

  • Providing or generating data under TSCA sections 4, 5, and 8.

  • Incorporating pollution prevention considerations into chemicals-related decision making.

  • Factoring international regulatory and policy considerations into new- and existing-chemical decision making.


Contact Jeff

Jeff Morris Solutions LLC is committed to working with clients to address chemical regulation issues in a manner that meets clients’ business and organizational objectives while fostering positive, long-term relationships with chemical regulators, in ways that safeguard human health and protect the natural environment. If you are interested in exploring how Jeff Morris can work with you to find solutions to your chemicals-related issues, please email or call Jeff at:

(828) 817-8101